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Importance of Shin Pads

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Where the safety and comfort of a soccer player are concerned, the use of shin pads is paramount. These pieces of protective soccer gear are so vital that they are required for legal play in almost all soccer leagues. In fact, these equipment are listed in the laws governing football as basic compulsory equipment. In more often than not, people use the terms “shin guards” and “shin pads” interchangeably but it’s important to understand that the former is the broader term. In fact, it’s the most appropriate term.


Basic shin pad

Shin kicks happen in soccer simply because it’s a contact game. The soccer law prohibits unfair contact between players. Even though that’s the case, sometimes even fair challenges involve significant contact that might cause injury. Granted, harsh tackles and serious foul are not allowed and punishable. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t occur frequently.

Shin guards protect your vulnerable shins from the exposure to potential knocks, kicks, and tackles. The location and proximity of your shins to the locus of action in soccer actually make their use a priority. Unfortunately, the muscles and tissues do not adequately insulate the shinbones, which mean that they have to be protected adequately. For this reason, you’re not supposed to play without sufficient protection of this area. You might have an opinion that wearing shin guards should be your choice. However, that would be the same as saying that it should be your choice to wear the seatbelt in an airplane or a car.


Wearing shin guards reduce your vulnerability on the field when playing. It actually allows you to play with courage or reduced fear of sustaining injuries. Lack of ample protection for your shins in a soccer field means that you might end up with several abrasions and cuts if not broken shinbone. Therefore, you should not even think of entering a soccer field without them.

Yes, it’s true that soccer shin guards do not guarantee you non-injury when you’re playing in a soccer field especially in instances of misconduct or serious foul play. But it’s the best way to reduce the risk of injury to player’s shinbone.Nike Mercurial Lite shin pads


Among the basic compulsory soccer equipment, you’ll find that the only ones with further stipulations are shin guards. The FIFA law states that shin pads must be covered fully by the stockings and must be made of suitable materials. The law also requires that they must offer a reasonable degree of protection. These stipulations are designed mainly to protect not only a player wearing this equipment, but also other players in a soccer field. Imagine the extent of injury other players would be exposed to if a player would be allowed to wear shin guards made from metal or any other dangerous material.

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